Avoiding Summer Speech Therapy Regressions

Avoiding Summer Speech Therapy Regressions

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, and adventure. But for children who are receiving speech therapy, it can also be a time of regression. Without the structure and routine of school, it's easy for children to lose the progress they've made in their speech and language skills. In this blog post, we'll discuss the common causes of summer speech therapy regressions and share some tips for keeping your child's skills on track.

Regressions in Summer Speech Therapy: Common Causes

Children may regress in their speech therapy skills over the summer for a number of reasons. These consist of:

  1. Lack of practice: Children receive speech therapy on a regular basis during the school year, which helps them stay on track with their skills. However, kids might not have the same opportunities to hone their communication skills over the summer.
  2. Routine adjustments: A break from the regimented schedule of school during the summer can hinder children's progress in speech therapy. Regression may result from adjustments to eating, sleeping, and other routines.
  3. Lessening of language exposure: A child's speech and language development may be impacted by the summer's reduced exposure to the language-rich surroundings of school and other activities.

Advice on Maintaining Your Child's Skills

Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to support your child's speech therapy advancement throughout the summer. Here are a few tips and tricks: 

  1. Continue treatment sessions if your child is presently receiving them. If your child is having speech therapy, attempt to keep up with those appointments during the summer. Your therapist may be more accommodating with scheduling throughout the summer, so talk to them about it.
  2. Practice at home: Motivate your kid to work on his or her communication abilities at home. Playing language-based games, doing articulation drills, and reading aloud.
  3. Stick to a routine: While it's necessary to be flexible over the summer, it's also crucial to stick as closely as you can to a regular schedule. This can assist your child in continuing their grow during communication skills.
  4. Locate activities that are rich in language: Look for activities that provide your child the chance to interact with language. Reading books, viewing instructional videos, or participating in summer camps that emphasize communication and language skills are a few examples of what this could include.
  5. Track progress: Over the summer, keep tabs on your child's development. Discuss modifying your child's therapy plan with their speech therapist if you see any noticeable regressions.

Even though the summer is a time for enjoyment and rest, it's crucial to give your child's speech and language development first priority. By using these suggestions, you can assist your kid in maintaining their gains and thriving throughout their speech therapy journey.


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